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Know the right time to exchange your money.

Fequently Asked Questions

When should I exchange my money?

For every currency pair that WhenToExchange has determined that it's time to exchange you will see an EXCHANGE label, recommending that now maybe a good time to exchange your money.

How does WhenToExchange determine the best time to exchange?

WhenToExchange uses a volatility system based on historical data to calculate an exchange rate price at which it is advantageous to exchange one currency for another.

When the exchange rate for a currency pair reaches the calculated price, WhenToExchange will issue an EXCHANGE recommendation.

How does the volatility system work?

Currency exchange rates are priced based on many different macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, such as: interest rates, the price of oil, news events, etc.

Typically, excluding periods of external influence, the price of an exchange rate pair would trade in a range set by the relative value of the pair's currencies. By analyzing past price data it is possible to determine a price level which lies outside of this normal trading range.

When a currency pair's exchange rate goes outside of the calculated price level due to some external influence, it is reasonable to assume that a new trading range may be established.

When the new trading range provides an opportunity for a favourable exchange WhenToExchange will issue an EXCHANGE recommendation for the currency pair.

What is a currency code?

Currency codes are three letters long, published under the ISO 4217 standard to represent currency names.

Please see the following for a full listing of all currency codes.

How do I interpret currency pair information and price?

Currencies are shown as exchange pairs, a base currency over the quote currency, meaning that the cost of the base currency is always given in the price of the quote currency.

For example, the currency pair EUR/USD 1.08, shows that for 1.08 US Dollars you can buy 1 Euro, or inversely exchange 1 Euro for 1.08 US Dollars.

Please see the following for additional information about exchange rates.

What are the flags beside each currency pair?

The flags show the region or country that each currency is used by. The first flag is for the base currency and the second for the quote currency.

What does the arrow beside a currency pair quote mean?

Arrows show the general trend of each currency pair. An up arrow indicates a rising price and a down arrow indicates a decrease in price.

What does a currency pair chart show?

For each currency pair WhenToExchange plots a six month price chart with a calculated favourable exchange rate.

When a currency pair's exchange rate is below the calculated favourable price, it indicates that it is advantageous to exchange the quote currency for the base currency.

Where do you get Bitcoin price information?

WhenToExchange is using the BitcoinAverage Price Index for Bitcoin price data.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.